1997 lx throttle response

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Sep 4, 2023
Thunderbird Year
I have a question about the throttle response. I have replaced the fuel pump and the filter and the TPS, engine runs ok when warmed up but when the pedal is pressed rpm is slow to respond, when pedal is lifted response is slow. No codes except for p1000 more driving required.
I haven't found anything yet but the car seems to run ok when warmed up. New iac and tps made slight change.
After more checking I found out that the rubber hoses at the EVAP can were rotted. Replaced all of them and that helped a lot. Still have rough idle when cold with slow throttle response when warmed up. Haven't driven it yet? Do I need to put some miles on it for it to relearn everything?
Consider everything around air intake........Ditch air silencer box, if equipped, check air filter condition, Replace A.I.T. sensor, if equipped, clean(mass air cleaner only) or replace mass-air sensor........How many miles on this '97, 4.6 or 3.8 ?........Don't like that P1000 DTC, I'm not sure what's going on to throw that code and make the computer go thru a relearning.......I've seen things relearn but that usually takes about 10 miles at most AND you may be fighting the wind until you run that relearn code out.......................
Still have the p1000 code after more than 20 k on it. A p1120 pops up intermittently maf and tps not working together. Cleaned maf didn't help but rpm is hunting around 1200 then back to 600 idle. Throttle response is good after warmed up but still no power above 2500 RPM. Can't find any vacuum leaks.
When stuff happens it happens in spades. Replaced the TPS 3 times finally got the Ford genuine unit, replaced the MAF sensor with a genuine Ford unit, replaced the iac, seems to be stuck open. All of them were bad but now the tranny has lost 2nd gear. The car is in excellent condition but I'm getting closer to the actual value of it just in repairs and it has only 140 km on it.