1996 Can't Shift out of park



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Jul 1, 2024
Thunderbird Year
Can't shift out of park, all fuses good, no headlights to boot is it related? Thanks, Ragingbull612

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Did you rule out the brake light switch?

If the brake lights are not working, check the fuse and the brake switch on the brake pedal.

If your brake lights work, then it is likely the shift interlock.

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All Fuses are good, I changed the stop light switch with a "car with ABS" switch, still no brake lights and still not able to shift.... if the car doesn't have ABS, should I have replaced it with a non ABS swich? also I noticed a "plunger" style switch up in there, what is that for?
Update; Pulled the stop light switch to check for power, zero volts, shouldn't one side of the connector be "hot" all the time?

Now I have no Wipers, Headlights, Hazzard/4 Way Flashers.....
You need to trace that wire back to the fuse block and look for a blown fusible link.