1964-1965 body parts

Nov 6, 2020
Thunderbird Year
First time poster. I'm a car guy, but not a thunderbird guy. I saved a ton of parts from a barn that was going to be torn down. They were going to the scrap yard and the friend of mine who was clearing it out gave me a call. They've been sitting in my storage unit for years, and I'm looking to get rid of them.

The parts are from at least 2 cars. There's a lot of stuff but here's what I know is in there.

2 hoods one red, one grey, rust free, grey one has a small dent on the front/passenger side of the nose.

Most of an interior. Including most of a dashboard, 2 sets of gages, i think a center console. Both door panels (complete with fake wood grain). Also what i assume are the rear seat kick panels (the ones that would be next to your feet).

The seats are black and the original vinyl is perfect, i want to keep them though, unless someone really needs them. I plan on making a couch out of the back seats because I love the rounded look, and the front seats are likely going in my '66 mustang. If you want the seats make an offer and tell me what project you're working on and I think I could let them go.

I have a passenger and driver's side door (red). They're rusted out on the bottom but have the windows/motors/vent windows/hinges attached.

I have 2 extra side windows that say '64 on them. I wrapped them in bubble wrap when I put them there.

I know I have one of the big hood emblems, and what I assume is the grill (black).

Common stuff there, but interestingly I also have the outer chrome trim, including some NOS pieces in their Ford packaging.

Parts are located in Gainesville, FL. 300$ takes all of it, excluding seats. There's a lot of stuff and I can send pictures when I'm back over the weekend.

I'll attach the pictures I still have in my phone. I really hope someone can use these parts.
20160810_151854.jpg 20160811_144120.jpg 20160811_144344.jpg 20160811_144510.jpg
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