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Dec 1, 2021
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My '55 Bird power seat is out of the car because the seat wouldn't move. Now that it is on the bench, I find the screw drive from the back/forth motor is seized with rock hard grease. This is easy, but the seat tracks will not move without hammer assist, and they are also full of hard grease, grit, gouges on the track from grit, and a 'restoration' paint job that must have included pouring paint into the track mechanism.

In other words, I'm doing a complete teardown, which includes taking the runners out of the track. This is where I need help. To remove the sliding runners I only see one way to get them apart, which is a heavy metal tab holding the bearings in place. I have tried to bend the tab, but it is too thick, and I cannot get any tool I own in the right spot to bend it anyway.

Is there another way I am missing? I am about to drill out the tab on the drill press, then thread the hole and insert a set screw to hold the bearings when I reassemble it.

Help appreciated,
try just soaking them in your favorite degreaser or solvent overnight
rinse and repeat till satisfied
Done that for several days. I think they may be tweaked.
Jeze I had done mine (55) totally apart a year ago, de-greased, sand blasted, repainted, fresh grease ,but I don't remember how I did it. I'm sure I didn't have to bend tabs or drill. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Yesterday I got into it a little deeper. Every joint that is supposed to move is frozen. The swivel points that allow up and down movement, as well as the back and forth movement. I cannot even remove them to lube, they are frozen in place like they have been pressed in, and there is no rust on the swivel posts.

If I cannot get these connection points loose, I have no choice but to lock the whole shebang in the rearmost position I can get and put it back in. No one in our family would ever want to move the seat up anyway, and I plan to soon give it to my son in Texas.

Bucket seats are looking really nice right now. I never did like the original (which is redone done in leather) as I slide around in it, even with the seat belt tight. I am looking at my Ford C-Max in the garage and the seats look like a good fit. I will let the son decide.