replacement parts

  1. BigxN8

    Website/vendor for 1989-93 standard/lx bumpers?

    Is there absolutely NO place to get a remanufactured/reproduction bumpers for the 89-93 model year standard/lx? I can't find anything, but the only place I could find was on ebay and they're beat up and $350. Any help would be GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED!!!
  2. cdbintexas

    Seeking Perfect Seats for 2004 Pacific Coast Roadster.

    OK as spring approaches I want to replace the worn seats in my 2004 PCR which is looking at 180,000 miles. The present seats are usable but knowing this may be a long term quest for perfect replacements it is time to start. Local shops are quoting $1000 per seat, a week in the shop, and of...
  3. Free as a Bird

    Replacement Parts: Discontinued-Out of Stock-Not Readily Available

    Perhaps now would be an opportune time to source and identify the final resting places of damaged, junked, and tired 2002-2005 birds that have had the wings clipped! This forum may be the ideal place for a national database....