convertible top

  1. lighthouse

    WTB 1959 Convertible Turquoise top

    I own a 1959, all original, Thunderbird White with a Turquoise convertible top and want to replace it with an equally high-quality original like Turquoise top. Have had no luck finding one. Also looking to replace/repair the dash in Turquoise as well. Is there a third-party vendor that forum...
  2. J

    2002 Raise/Lower switch question

    Hi all, Trouble-shooting my 'Birds inability to raise or lower the convertible top. I get zero pump/motor noise in either direction and zero voltage at the UP/DOWN relays, swapped the relays, no difference). I seem to have narrowed it down to the actual Raise/Lower switch but am looking for...
  3. D

    2003 Convertible Top will lower but not raise

    Our 2003 Tbird with 26K miles has a problem with the convertible top control. It will lower but not raise. Troubleshooting so far: The switch has been checked for continuity and it is good. Trying to raise the top by jumping the contacts in the switch plug did not work. Jumping the contacts...