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Purchased my 56 in 1997 and did a complete frame off restoration that took close to 3 1/2 years. Engine restoration and final paint were the only 2 things I had done by professionals, all else was done by myself. I had never attempted anything like this so with a lot of reading, help from friends and patience I managed to complete the project and was finally on the road in 2001. We drive it on a regular basis from May until November and we've added over 30K miles to the odometer.
In the last month, I've had several problems mostly having to do with the ignition system so decided it was time to overall certain components, one of them being the original clock (which is how I ended up on your site) all the way to doing a complete differential overall as the car as developed a fairly loud humming noise at speeds over 50 mph.
Found your article on the 55 clock restoration extremely well written (thank you) so I'll certainly make use of that and hopefully, I can contribute as well with some of the knowledge I've acquired over the years.
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