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I fell In love with the T bird in 1966, I was 16 years old when I saw a yellow tbird drive by me on the freeway in LA. I said at that time I want one of those because I fell in love with that porthole. When I grew up I had forgotten what I had said. Then when I got divorced I was looking for something that would fit me and my personality. I bought my 1st Tbird, a 2004, silver with a black top, and black interior. Drove my car for 2 years then I meant my husband Steve and we decided we were going to move to Florida from Washington State. Like a stupid person I sold my T bird because I didn't want to drive that far. It took 3 years before I found my 2005 anniversary Tbird. I absolutely love my car and I will never sell it. Done a lot of my own fixing up on the car, replacing her head lights, different small things. Its a beautiful car, runs great. I joined the South Texas T bird club here in San Antonio Texas.
June 8
Universal City, Texas
Year of Thunderbird you Own