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Mystery coolant leak/Heater Core?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Pelagic, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. New 2003 bird owner - trying to run down a list of issues with my new car.
    Fixed an obvious one as there was a crack in thermostat housing. Replaced that, hoses and stat. No more steam coming from under hood, but I still have a coolant leak as it seems to be going somewhere.
    I am noticing a bit of fogging on inside of windshield and am thinking (but really hoping that it is NOT) a leaking heater core. Any other places to check before I assume the worst?
    Going to check hoses where they attach at firewall for any obvious leaks, but I guess my real question is: Has anyone replaced their heater core? Since I have not found ANYTHING online about this (youtube, google, etc) I'm guessing it's not common. Does the dash have to come off? Steering column?
  2. The fogging of the window is the smoking gun , yes it is the heater core . The dash has to come out , hell the seats and center console as well and the steering wheel has to be dropped but not removed . I would advise to do the AC evaporator as well since you are there already as they tend to leak too . I have to replace my evaporator so I am doing the heater core at the same time to avoid a repeat in the future . Both units can be found cheap on rockauto.com so just get them both and replace at the same time . You will thank me for it down the road . Good luck .
  3. Thanks. I may have been a bit premature on this one. Coolant level seems stable now and leaving climate control on auto this morning with top up did not produce any hint of fog. Do you know if use of air cond can create moisture that would occasionally cause same symptom? Still crossing my fingers.
  4. Also - IF I end up doing this, does anyone have clear info on removing the dash? (ugh.....)

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