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03 TBird Engine Noise

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by 03TBird, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. New to this game and knowing it's a V8, want to know if the rather loud sound when accelerating is normal, or is something else needed to muffle the sound?
  2. does the engine accelerate smoothly? It could be a coil plug if the exhaust system seems intact.
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  3. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    You can check out the thread about the coils here
  4. i had some items checked when purchased, was told exhaust system looked good; acceleration seems pretty smooth, I had to rebuild transmission, also
  5. my 2002 with 17k mile purrs when accelerating not throaty at all.. I have read where exhaust modifications like adding a flowmaster exhaust is not uncommon to give it a more bally sound..
  6. thx, I will have exhaust system checked again, and inquire about the modification
  7. thx, will check it all out and, I guess, if decide to replace the coils (have no idea on maintenance history of the car) will probably be good idea to replace plugs, too?
  8. seems to accelerate okay. what is it about the coils, if bad, make it run loudly?
  9. Replace plugs - yes!
    Run "loudly" - Coils wont effect.

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