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Windshield chrome surround molding

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Mikey52, May 8, 2017.

  1. I need to replace the windshield chrome surround molding. When we took off the hardtop we found some bubbling of the chrome. It appears that the hardtop may never have been removed as the convertible top appears to be in mint condition and the boot is still in the trunk in its original plastic bag with the label in the bag. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I found that all three pieces are still available from Ford. Ordered all 3 for $666.14.
  3. FWIW: It might be cheaper (and higher quality overall) to re-plate the one's from your car. There are some companies (one in Newark NJ I used called Mara Plating) that do show car and motorcycle chrome and it's high quality thick plating that should outlast the original type. I'm betting it's half the cost if not less.
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  4. Thanks! The are actually OEM parts but I will keep the old ones and will have them re-plated if the are not rusted out. There is a thread on this subject from quite some time ago. The 2002 windshield surround moldings had a problem with pitting and corrosion and Ford redesigned the part.
  5. Well, if they redesigned it, my 2003 didn't get the message..lol. I have the same pitting and chrome failing...I'm likely going to pull them off next week while waiting on my new top and see if my guy feels he can save them.
  6. Installed new surround trim. Looks great. The new ones from Ford appear to have better seals around the mounting bolts.
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  7. Same problem with my 2005.
  8. About $600 at your Ford dealer.
  9. pop off the interior molding to expose studs projecting through frame . loosen the metric nuts and slip off the chrome surround do all in reverse to reattach.
    Good Luck
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  10. I have the replacement parts, and would like to attempt the job myself, if it's not to involved. Can you walk me through the process and degree of difficulty? Much appreciated!
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  11. plus you saved 300 by doin it your self!
  12. I have a new upper chrome molding. How is the old one removed... Help please.

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