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Where to find engine cover attach grommets/pins for 2002 Bird

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Scratch, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I'm missing several grommets that attach the Thunderbird V8 engine cover atop the motor. Does anyone know where I could find/purchase replacement grommets?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. I just bought 6 packs from ford parts giant.com


    There are other places on e-bay that were cheaper I think this is the ford part # you are looking for.. w705956-s300.. It's the push rivet, it also is used on the cowling covering the cabin air filter by the fire wall left side.. They come 2 per pack but you pay per single.. My 12 came to $42 with $32 for the 12 rivets and $9.50 shipping ..
  3. Ford, your local parts dept., W708656-S300 Pin---one per package about $3.25 each, no shipping because you pick them up the next day after you order them. FYI---buy a couple of packs!
  4. They must be two different part #'s the ones I ordered (W705956-S300) from FordPartsGiant were right on.. I didn't think the dealer would have them.. Yes save the shipping! If you google images of both of these part #'s they come up the same. I bought a dozen as I found the heat deteriorate them and when you go to reuse them the small side prongs break off ...
  5. Part numbers at fordpartsgiant.com aren't official Ford part numbers but they may be similar. At the very top of fordpartsgiant.com website is says that they are not affiliated with the Ford Motor Co. Like many other retail sites they have access to various part through the automotive network and don't carry a huge inventory. When we order a part they then order the part and distribute it to us. Recently my autobody supply house couldn't find a part referenced by fordpartsgiant.com, it was a simple screw that holds the front bumper cover in place. Calling the Ford dealer and getting an official Ford number they found the screw in their parts book in a minute.

    Make friends with your local Ford parts department manager, I did and I get good service and advice. He even tells me when not to buy from him because I can get somewhere else at a cheaper price. Case in point the above screw---his price for 4 was $4.25 at the autobody supply house a box of 50 was $8.00 and they were identical!
  6. I need to ask more questions. You guys are good. Thanks much, fellas.

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