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Hi, I'm Sharon with a broken 94LX I need your help please?

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by T-BirdsRock, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. My 1994 4.6 V8 was in a crash destroying the passenger rear while warping the frame. I have access to a 1996 3.8 V6. Can I replace the engine from the 94 V8 to the 96 V6 model? I'm concerned with the 96 having a 3.8 engine that the 94 a 4.6 that I may not be able to do this? Please advice, thank you in advance!
  2. I don't know anything about this swap specifically. Many years ago I swpped out a 289 small block to a 390 big block on my 1966 Galaxie. The steel mounts on the frame were different and there was quite a bit of work involved. I had to drop out both lower control arms to get at the bolts for the steel frame mount swap out. I also had to change out the springs because of the difference in weight. Luckily for me I had a wrecked Galaxie as my parts car supplying any parts I needed for the swap. My driver had a broken 289 and a friend gave me his wrecked (hit in the rear) big block Galaxie. Then with today's computer controlled systems there may be other problems you encounter going from the 94 to the 96. My job involved a 66 to a 66 and there were no computer sensors / systems involved.

    I don't know how involved it is to go from the six cylinder to the eight cylinder but my advice is that if the six cylinder is a running functioning car I would just use it as is and enjoy it.
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  3. captrick

    captrick Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I think if you do your home work and see if your V6 car ever came with a V8 first. Then you might have to look up motor mounts, transmission mounts, radiator, exhaust system, and computer. It can be done but if you never done it before it could be a bit involved. Good Luck

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