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Hard Top Rattles on 04 T-Bird

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Rickster, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I just purchased a 2004 T-Bird and the hard top rattles all the time. It seems to be properly installed but with body give, the top groans and rattles. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. George

    George Passed Away July 25, 2015

    I never had this issue, but found this posted elsewhere with good results:


    "For those of you having problems installing the hard top, don't forget you can pull the plastic piece off the front of the hardtop to adjust the pins. Pull the plastic piece straight out from both sides, don't hesitate it is not going to break. After removing the plastic piece, use your hard top tool to loosen the 3 screws just enough to allow the front pins to slide freely. Lift the hardtop onto the car letting the back pins drop in freely, then guide the front pins into the holes on the front windshield. The pins will still be loose, so the top front pins should slide in easily. After your top is secure, retighten the 3 screws on each side and push the long plastic piece back into it's slots. Then follow the instructions for hardtop installation now that you have the top sitting securely on the car.
    You really shouldn't ever have to do this again in the following years, because the adjustment you just made should be a perfect fit.
    This adjustment works well for all those you with a hard top rattle also."

    No picture necessary. It's the plastic header. Where the soft upholstery of the inner roof of the hardtop meets (stops) at the front near the windshield, that's it. Once you've removed it, (it's held in place by sturdy clips) you will see the three screws on the left and right sides you can loosen. Once loosened, you can move the receptors for the single screws into alignment with the single screws that hold the hardtop in place. Tighten the single screws on both sides, then tighten the three screws on both sides. Voila', the hardtop is now custom-fitted to your car."

    Hope the above helps you.
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  3. papdavidson

    papdavidson Guest

    Here is something else to look for. Must lift the top to do this.
    The top has a post that inserts into a hole behind each seat. The driver side has a plastic insert at the top of the hole on the body side. That insert is easy to dislodge when removing the top and it frequently falls into the open area under the hole. That insert acts as a spacer and if it is missing, the top will rattle. This is a common occurance. If that is your problem, you can get a replacement at Ford. Part number is 1W6Z-7650611-AA. I lost mine and purchased an extra as a spare when I replaced it.
    The passenger side does not use a spacer but it has a similar piece that privides the electrical connection to the top to power the rear window heater. It will not pop out as easy as the driver side.
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    CBBIRD 2005 Steel Blue Tbird Gold Donor

    Hard top Rattles.

    Top should be installed with a tape that reduces rattle. What I found worked best was adding the hardtop trim from Thunderbird Concepts. I like the looks and it stops the hard top rattle.

  5. the rubber gasket on the rear of the top dries out and makes a lot of groaning noise. there is a lubricant specially made for the gaskets that works great. its sold at most o'reillys and the like. that may be all you need.
  6. Great,
    I just realized that not only do I have a rattle with the hard top on.
    The plastics insert for the driver side is mia?
    I need on of those, on the passenger side I have two wires hanging loose, I assume these should plug into a electrical connector that makes contact when putting the hardtop on?
    I am missing both pieces!
    Can anyone help with the part no for the electrical connector on the passenger side?
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