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2002~2005 Stock Wheels/Mint Black Hardtop with Cover and Caddy

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Thunderbird Parts for Sale/wanted' started by Motogeezer, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Forum Member Prices!
    13533109_1236545853042811_7449870095433362140_n.jpg Wheels, excellent condition, set of 4, $500.00.
    Hardtop with cover and caddy, excellent condition, $1,000.00.
    Shipping extra, depending on destination. Or pick up at Winter Park Florida.
    Everything off a 2003 model.
  2. KYB Excel-G Premium Suspension (shock absorbers) for all 4 corners, brand new, never used $265.00 + shipping or pick up at Winter Park Florida.
  3. Will the hard top fit a 2002. Also how much do you think shipping would cost to Atlanta Ga. for hard top.
  4. As best I know, the hardtop is interchangeable between all years. No idea on shipping. I just received a complete convertible top frame and pump from south Florida and shipping was $200.00. I can measure and give you dimensions and weight if you like so you can do some checking with shippers. I'm not a business so don't ship much.
    Or you could take a nice little weekend road trip and come get it. I'm right off Interstate 4 north of Orlando.
  5. You deal was very hard to pass up but I am sorry I have reconsidered because my 02 Tbird came with a white hard top and if I get a hard top I think I want to be true to original specs. You should not have any problem selling it and I wish you good luck and a fast sell.
    Thanks Chuck
  6. No problem my friend! I have it listed on Craigslist for $1500.00 retail. We'll see what happens ;)
  7. open to any trades? i have a few high end firearms
  8. Thanks Chestnut. I don't do guns, but I do have an interest in motorcycles ;)
  9. no bikes after 45 years of riding harley's. health issues grounded me thats why i bout my 03 tbird. goodluck with sale
  10. I have a white 02 that I have a black hardtop on mine. Love the contrast.
    Cutie as a black head.jpg
    Motogeezer likes this.
  11. Dug out the top today. Turns out, under closer scrutiny, it has a few paint dings. Small stuff, touch up type. Reducing price to $850.00. Wheels $250.00. Struts $150.00. Somebody should be using this stuff!!!!
  12. That's sharp Jimmy ;)
  13. Top gone as of this weekend ;)
  14. Hi Motogeezer!
    Do you still have the wheels for sale? Are they OEM wheels? If you've still got them, are you able to take a photo of one and send it to me?

    Thanks, Mike
  15. Just sold them Mike. Sorry !!!
  16. Motogeezer, Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you got all your stuff sold! Mike

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