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What type if any posi traction is offered?

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Parts 4 Project, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. I am thinking of creating a project hopefully using a Ford Thunderbird axle setup, but know very little about whether they offered any type of Posi-Traction options ?what years to look for ?, what type of option code ( If there is one) and last of all what type of Posi-Trac unit was installed on these ?? So I am asking for a lot of information. A relative had one,. I worked on it. So the type of axle I am looking for is the type with C.V. joints. A quick explanation about what I am building. Just to make this short, I am planning on building a small A.T.V. kind of like the ones you see becoming popular like at TSC. etc. I just want to make a tougher one. I considered trying to make one with the cam-lock type set up that G.M. used on there axles for years, but I don't want to spend that type of effort making a G.M. axle the type with C.V. joints, to much work. So I am hoping someone on this Forum can give me some advice on or steer me in the right direction . Thanks
  2. I tried to edit, not working. Besides all of the typos, I was also wanting to know how to determine an easy way to get the rear axle gear ratio. Thanks again.
  3. captrick

    captrick Active Member Lifetime Donor

    You have a choice of rear ends, the universal Ford 9 inch which in stock trim can handle upwards of 600 hp or the 8.8 inch rear which in stock trim is good for almost 600 hp. You can get parts for both rear ends very easy almost anywhere. The nice part about the 9 inch center section is the pinion gear has 3 bearings on it and to 8.8 only has 2. You can also have different 9 inch center sections set up for different applications and swap them out at the track in about an hour. I hope this helps you out and good luck Rick
  4. I know about those heavy duty rear-ends, but I am not looking or wanting a solid axle. The type of axle I am looking to use is the type of axle with C.V. joints connected to a smaller rear differential giving you a fully independent type of suspension setup.
  5. captrick

    captrick Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Ford used their 8.8 differential in most of their IR suspensions. I you can find a IRS out of a 2003 or 2004 Mustang Cobra that gives you a good starting point. They pop up on Craigslist and E-Bay every so often. All the tractionlok parts are interchangeable. Good Luck Rick

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