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Questions about 1983 Thunderbird

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Ford Enthusiast, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at the possibility of buying a 1983 Thunderbird. The price is right, but I really don't know anything about this car. So here are some questions:

    1) Does a 1983 Thunderbird have an air bag? If so, was it on all models? Based on the photos of the car I'm looking to buy it doesn't appear that the steering wheel has an air bag. Is it possible that it doesn't have an air bag? (just for the record I would prefer that it doesn't)

    2. Does a 1983 Thunderbird have a frame separate from the body? Or is it a uni-body construction?

    I do believe that this car has a drive shaft and rear-wheel drive. It is an automatic with a 5.0 Liter V8. Is that basically a 302 cu. in.?

    Just for whatever it's worth. I'm interested in restoring an "older" car. I'm far more familiar with cars from the 60's, but I haven't yet been able to find anything from the 60's to restore. I found this '83 T-bird available for basically scrap metal prices. I'm told that it does run and will move under it's own power. I saw pictures of it and it looks like a fairly easy restore assuming there isn't too much rust damage underneath. The price is so "right" I'll probably buy it just to part out if nothing else. But since it runs I might consider restoring it.

    Finally the car is not close to me, and I'm having a hard time getting in contact with the seller. I'm not sure if I'll get it before someone else does, but I thought I'd post questions here just in case. I can't currently go look at the car, or even talk to the seller yet. I hope I can get a hold of him before he sells it.

  2. 1. No air bags on the 1983 models that I know of.
    2. It is a body on frame car, not uni-body.
    It is a rear-wheel drive car and yes, it is the 302 cu. in. V-8.
    I hope you are able to get the car and do the restoration on it. I have a project 1986 Thunderbird as well as a beautiful 1986 Thunderbird that I drive often.
  3. That's the biggie for me! I much prefer to restore cars where I can do the chassis and body as totally separate units. To be honest I was afraid that 1983 might be uni-body. So it's great news to hear that it's body on frame. I hope I can get it too, but I'm having difficulty in trying to contact the seller. So far I've been sending emails and calling the phone number, but no answer or reply yet. Only time will tell. If I can get in touch with the seller and the car isn't already sold I'll definitely pick it up. I'll keep this thread posted on what happens.
  4. Made a very tiny amount of progress today. The seller finally replied to an email. Said he still has the car. But thus far I still haven't been able to make contact over a voice phone. I sent him my phone number, we'll see what happens. If I can complete this deal I'll post picture of the car when I get it home. I'm excited that he still has it and has at least replied to an email. That's progress. :)

    I was afraid the car would be gone. Someone could buy this and take it straight to the scrap yard and make money! It's that cheap! I can't lose picking this thing up. And that's why I was afraid it might already be sold. But as of now he says he still has it. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have the car hauler trailer hooked up to the truck. All I need now is an exact address and a time to be there.
  5. BUMMER! Ok, the man just emailed me back and said, "Sorry it's not for sale anymore". And the ad has been taken down. I'm not sure if that means he sold it to someone else, or just changed his mind about selling it for that price?

    He had it advertised for $100. I don't think that was a typo because $1000 would have probably been too much for it considering the condition, and he doesn't have the title for it.

    In any case a fully functional running 1983 Thunderbird would have been a steal for $100. I would have restored that baby from the ground up.

    Too bad. Oh well, better luck next time maybe. No T-bird for me!

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