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Oil Pressure Check on '66

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by MichRX7, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Well, we finally got her running, but I'm not seeing any movement on the oil pressure gauge which has me a bit concerned. Is there a way to manually hook up a gauge externally to make sure it is a bad gauge and not the fact I have no oil pressure?

    I'll be installing the new brake booster and master cylinder this weekend and when we get the brakes working I'd like to drive her at least up and down the driveway to make sure things work (aka, stop), but am concerned about the lack of oil pressure showing up.

  2. The oil pressure gauge is electric and is regulated by the constant voltage regulator that also regulates the fuel level and engine temperature gauges. My question is: do the fuel level and engine temperature gauges work? If they do not, then it is not surprising that the oil pressure gauge does not work. It is always possible to replace the oil pressure sending unit with a mechanical oil pressure gauge to determine if, in fact, the engine is producing oil pressure.
  3. Thanks, I do not see anything on the fuel level and engine temperature gauge eitehr. Does this mean the voltage regulator may be bad? My low fuel light doesn't light up either, and I know that tank was empty at one point.
  4. The fuel level, engine temperature, and oil pressure gauges are all powered through the constant voltage regulator. If none of these gauges work, I would start by checking the constant voltage regulator. The regulator is thermomechanical and known to malfunction.

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