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odometer problems

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by harryo007, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I just bought a 95 v8 T-bird and the odometer stopped working. Is this a common problem? Where should I start troubleshooting?
    Thanks, Kent
  2. Is your speedo working or just the mile counter?
    If it is both, it can be the speed sensor on the tranny, but that would give you a check engine light too.
  3. Speedo is working, just not the odometer
  4. Well I'd say it's the odometer itself that has gone bad.
    I have a 1995 XR7 with the 4.6L engine too, and I got in a junkyard the speedo/odometer from a SC Tbird, so now it reads up to 140MPH and it's a simple swap. Readings are fine, no need to adjust a thing.
  5. Now that I watch closely, it reads up to 150MPH. Anyway, I bought the white faces from NRauto (www.nrauto.com) in case you like the combo.
    The NR kit has faces for both LX and SC.

  6. My 95 4.6L Bird has the same Problem. How much did the salvage speedo cost?
  7. I had the same problem but I removed and rebuilt the Speedometer. The cost of parts was $50.
  8. What years of bird odometers fit in 96 lx
  9. My '95 has been this way since I got it last September. Doesn't bother me as long as I know how fast I'm going lol
  10. Is it the whole cluster that you have to change to fix odometer
  11. I got mine fixed!
    I bought replacement gears for the speedometer, took it apart and replaced them, it works perfectly now. It was somewhat of a task to do but the end result was a working unit.
  12. Where can I get the replacement / repair parts
  13. The units from 94, 95, 96, Cougar/Thunderbird will all interchange.
  14. I have seen them for $35 to $85. It cost me $50 to repair mine.
  15. It's not that hard to repair you existing unit, just time and patients. I'd be happy to help anyone repair theirs but honestly if you print the PDF offered on the gear site and follow it you will get it done. Just be sure to loosen the nuts that hold the steering column and lower it to the end of the bolts to give extra room to remove the bezel.
  16. I've replyed to this check them out.
  17. Still wont work. I replaced these gears, the odometer and trip meter all seem to work in unison when I roll either one by hand. But still wont work when re installed in the cluster. Could the motor itself be bad?

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