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New to the Thunderbird World with my 1973

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by fawleye, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. I recently picked up this 1973 460 4bbl car and sold my 57 Chevy 3/4 ton.

    I already have the dash apart to replace, or design my own, climate control. Have any suggestions? The automatic one doesn't work.

    How about the smogged out 460? What suggestions for power upgrades? Cam, valve train, carburetor, boost? It's bone stock.

    20170603_215846.jpg 20170530_205628.jpg

    I'm excited to work on it! And I'm happy to have your input.

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  2. looks like a nice project.I have yet to start on my '73 460 4bbl that I saved from the scrap yard. $300.00 for an original was not a bad deal.
  3. Nice. Got pics? I was getting discouraged. Seems this forum is mostly used by newer Retro-bird owners looking for wheels and electrical help.
  4. I have noticed that there is very little actual conversations about the "Big birds". About pics, I have some, but I am going to set up a photo-bucket or similar site. My phone likes to be difficult.
    My '73 has been sitting since 1987, on a slab and mostly covered by a carport. I have rust on the hood, but the rest of the car is really solid and 100% original, right down to the old bias ply tires that are completely dry-rotted. There is little rust anywhere else, the frame and floorboards are perfect, it even has the cardboard inserts in the trunk from the factory. The gauge cluster is perfect, no cracks in the dash, carpet is original with no rips or holes, seats are ok, but a few cracks due to lack of leather treating.the headliner is all original but the seam stitching is starting to come apart due to the threads dry-rotting. The engine is complete and unmolested, has the original air breather. It is gonna be a lot of fun.
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  5. My 73 Thunderbird also came out of a shed. Stored for years. It's all original looking, but he said it was restored in the 80s. There's a little rot in the fenders, behind the front wheels. Other than that, it looks pretty good. You can see rust bubbles under the vinyl top, but it's all intact. It does have radials on it. :) some humidity got to the cardboard in the trunk. It's somewhat curled. I may pull it and try to flatten it. It still has the spare tire lock. What a strange idea. I look forward to pictures of yours.
  6. I need a 70's dark colored thunderbird for an episode on Investigation Discovery for a one day shoot in Philadelphia.
  7. :( I'm in Wisconsin.
  8. Nice!!!

    I have a friend of mine that just bought a 73 just like that. I need to get him on this forum.
  9. Nice ride and welcome

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