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57 t-bird windshield removal instructions

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by bonneville, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Hi, the new owner of the vehicle. Beginning to restore. stumped on how to remove the external chrome trim from around the windshield. appreciate instructions.
  2. When I did mine I took off all the interior parts first. Then I took all the screws off the top cross bar and two sides. I then took the side pieces off and removed the brightwork that went across the top. Leave the outside bottom brightwork in place. It comes out with the windshield glass and is put together with the windshield glass and seal when going back together. I'm told the easiest way to get the windshield out is to razor cut the seal and replace it with new when going back together.

    The chrome around the inside has screws then take out the pieces. The screws to remove the external chrome will be visible. I think it's four or five across the top then four down each side at the seal where the door closes up against the pillar. The top piece pries off by lifting up on the inside edge. The side pieces pull a little outward at the top and slide towards the rear slightly at the bottom. There are clips at the bottom that are slid into the bottom front chrome and the side leg chrome.
  3. Thanks for great explanation. You confirmed my fear that the bottom chrome would only come out with the glass.

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