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1994 Rear Lower Anterior (forward) Control Arm mount support rusted away

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Mjimih, Nov 14, 2017 at 12:47 AM.

  1. Hi
    So on smooth roads all is smooth and quiet. But with any rough roads it sounds like a rattlin bag of dumbells flying around in the trunk. So i looked at the suspension. Oh how the rust everywhere is aggresive...
    She sat outside in a used car lot for a few Minnesota winters (95,000 mi)
    Then outside Mom's garage for another
    Then used for two years at college in Moist Portland Oregon (no garage :-(
    Then another winter over grass un loved back in Minn, unloved... waiting with her shiny forrest green coat.
    The arm from the A-frame edge rail area (laymans terms) just in front of the left rear tire to the lower anterior control arm support has rusted away. With the tire jacked up off the ground, I can put my fingers in the gap around where the said control arm bushing should be attached. I think if I try to spin the tires spinning the car around clockwise, the wheel might fold up under the car, not good.

    I can't find this rusty armature on any google search?! I need to know what its called so I can buy another one b4 the wheel the whole wheel assembly falls off holy cripes. Here are a few photos, don't laugh Gloria might hear you :-/ Dscn3634.jpg Dscn3637.jpg
  2. in the 2nd photo the arm in question is under the words 'no support' going away from the camera towards the far side of the car in front of the driver side rear wheel. Camera batteries died i'll try to get a better picture if needed.... u can see the jack is lifting the car just behind the differential hub next to a really rusty exhaust pipe.

  3. Hi wonderful people I found the part and what it does. But I almost stumped the Ford dealership parts guy. He printed out four schmatics before finding it. It being the rear stabilizer bracket. I'm so glad it is not a weight bearing crucial part. I'm sure it prolongs the life of the control arm though. This control arm is a large piece that supports both rear tires as it goes up and over the driveshaft just in front
    of the differential.
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