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  2. tigerpaw68
    I love the replacement wheels you used. What is the brand, number, and source? I think I would love those on my red 2005 TBird. Your car is awesome.
  3. Sierra977
    Thank you for the kind words. Wheels are factory 2003-2004 Jaguar S-Type R Zeus wheels. Front are 18"x8" p/n 59774 and rear are 18"x9.5" p/n 59775. Tires are standard Jaguar sizes. Front 245x45 and rear are 275x40. Tires on mine are Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I run Jaguar recommended high-speed tire pressures 36psi front and 38psi rear.

    ETA You might try Midwest Wheel as a supplier. They also do great wheel refinishing work if needed.

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