Tale of Two T-Birds

Looking for a muscle car project, I ended up with two 68 Tudor Thunderbirds. The first, I called the 67 because of its 67 front bumper and grill I bought from a guy that had it sitting in a yard that I drove by every day. It had big tires and a mean stance. I thought it could pass for a muscle car. All my other candidates were too expensive to get into i.e. Mustang, Camaro, and Charger. The car's body was a mess, it has no engine and a squirrel lived in it. I knew shortly after I bought the car that I'd need another to make one whole. So I found a yellow 68 in Connecticut. it had 68,000 original miles and was in decent shape. it had a leaky 429, bench seats and a brown interior. The stance was more original. Both had vinyl roofs. So I start the project for somewhat short money $2,500. I had a vision to create a muscle car out of a luxury vehicle. So here is what I did. You'll have to ask because I couldn't fit in 2000 characters!

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