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Buddy guy
After completed detail.
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  2. Greggo74
    WOW !!!! Is that a custom boot??
    Can I get one???????????
    Please !!!!!
  3. Buddy guy
    Buddy guy
    It's a fiberglass 2-piece hard tonneau cover purchased from the now defunct aftermarket company Thunderbird Concepts for $995.00. I guess there is another T-bird aftermarket company selling a similar cover for more but that's all I know about them.
  4. Greggo74
    That is so sharp!!! I’ve got a 2003 all black, wheels same as yours. Just got it last summer. I don’t have boot for it yet... that just looks soooo sweet!!!
  5. Buddy guy
    Buddy guy
    At first I was looking for a Hardtop, but decided on the Tonneau instead as I only take the Bird out on warm, sunny days and would remove the hardtop anyway. Plus the cost was a lot less than a used hardtop (around $2500.00).
  6. Buddy guy
    Buddy guy
    Gregg74, I found that other company online:

    Thunderbird Specialties/California Custom is an alternative source for retro parts and accessories.

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