What did you do to your Tbird today?

Started on rear suspension last night. Same old problems as everyone:
1. Bad bushings on lower control arm- replacing entire control arm
2. Rotted sway bar link rubber- replacing links since the ball joints are loose
3. Rotted torque arm rubber- replacing torque arms
Also replacing struts and springs. Sent those out to get assembled today.

Rock Auto is on for another $530! All in about $1100 for the suspension parts and $200 for AC. She sure blows cold!


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Went for a drive to the Mid Ohio Race track today. On a road I heard a noise from the back tire I hadn't heard before.

Then I heard a clunk and saw a hunk of rubber in the rear view mirror. Pulled over into a side road and felt around the tire. Found this, Yikes!

Put on the spare and slowly drove home. Ordering radials tomorrow.

PS ... I did change cars and drove to the track. Fun day salvaged.

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