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What did you do to your Tbird today?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by 02thunderbirdht, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Thanks for the info if the weather is nice tomorrow was planning changing it out as well as new glas for drivers mirror that some idiot side swiped my bird when parked in the city. Got lucky it only broke the glass and nothing else. I found it online replacement glass only like 11.99 thanks for the tip. I do have to pull the drivers side tire off and jack it up though or take to friends garage and put in on lift
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  2. It's been raining here for a week. Today the forecast was for clear weather. So early this morning I went out and cleaned the wheels of any brake dust then put on a coat of wax on the wheels. Then I had some of that quick detail spray and ran it over the car. Set tire pressure in each tire. Then I checked radiator level - been the same for last month. Great, maybe I've finally got all the leaks fixed. I've replaced almost everything plastic or coolant related on car. Still the cooling fans come on even going down highway at 50mph. WTF? That should be fast enough to not have fans come on. Anyway fans do go off if I run the heater.

    Then this afternoon I was able to escape for a couple of hours. Took dog to local park and walked. According to my new app on smart phone I walked a little over 4 miles today. I was happy with that so after I left park I decided to go to McDonalds drive through and get a large Diet Coke. Diet Coke tastes better at Mickey Ds than anywhere else if you ask me.

    Going through drive through I noticed a Corvette in line behind me. When I pulled out he followed me. Got on 4 lane road heading east and he was right with me. Saw a red light ahead so I coasted and we both ended up side by side stuck at red light. Nobody in front of us. He was driving - I guess a 1973, 74 mids 70s Vette. Smog control vehicle. I had my top down and he had his Ttop off. He looked over and said - nice day isn't it? Sure was - Chamber of Commerce perfect weather day. I said yeah - then he nodded - you wanta run em? I laughed and said - I'm in my mid 60s he laughed and said so am I. Then the light turned green - and we both took off - he punched it - so I punched the Tbird. Well I caught him and passed him - LOL I got up to about 70 and then my exit was ahead so I backed off. He waved as he drove on by. I'm declaring myself as winner. LOL But really nothing to get excited about - his car was a mid 70s smog car, with probably a 350. No car made after probably 1972 till probably the late 80s could get out of it's own way back then. But hey - I beat a Corvette in a drag race today with my boulevard cruiser 03 Tbird. LMAO
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  3. Wow just got home and hadn't see the beast since the end of December and it's 7 year old battery gave up the ghost.

    New spark and she ran like a champ. Such fun!
  4. Oldiger

    Oldiger Active Member Gold Donor

    Well, the Spring Detailing has begun. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Missoula Montana so I put my car out onto the driveway and started by scrubbing down my black convertible top with Raggtopp. Was just able to get three coats of Raggtopp conditioner on it before the rain came. Lucky me! Today I was able to start on the " Tarminator" Application along with the wash job. Tomorrow will be polish and buffing. Tonight will be Irish whiskey and Aleve ;)
  5. Mach5

    Mach5 2004 Merlot Lifetime Donor

    Put in my NOS gas pedal today. (Makes me smile every time.) IMG_20190510_180806400.jpg
  6. Woke up my 1975 from the long winter nap. All 460 cubes fired up without a problem. Next up is a good detailing for show season.
  7. Oldiger

    Oldiger Active Member Gold Donor

    I took my car in to have the front end aligned. I'm going on an extended road trip soon and noticed that there was a slight pull to the left on my steering wheel. Alignment went fine but the sales rep informed me that I had a more serious problem and I wanted to share it with all of you. It appears that all of the RUBBER bushings that are associated with the upper control arms,stabilizer bars and tie rods are all deteriorated and have fallen apart. There is no need to grease them because the rubber bushings would not hold any grease. Luckily, everything appears to be tight and unworn. Probably because I'm always on pavement and I never run my car on any other roads. He did an estimate for me if I decide to replace everything. It came to about $3000. I am hoping that I can only do the rubber bushings but that will still involve A lot of labor costs. Have any of you discovered this problem?
  8. Common problem on these birds. Yes I had to replace the front end on my car too. Rear end is independent suspension and will have same problem too. There are several threads on this subject - just do a search.
  9. I assume that you were at the dealer. Check out other repair shops and there are bushings available. Yes, it will still be expensive. Many put this off until it begins to make noise. That could be a long time from now. You are the first I’ve heard of to say that the car is pulling. Can’t hurt to get a second opinion.
  10. cdbintexas

    cdbintexas Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I was told the same thing at the new tire dealer I visited after buying a 140,000 mile 2004 PCR in August of 2015. Getting a second opinion from two other front in alignment shops both said no need to worry. That was 4 years and 40,000 miles ago in a car driven daily. No problems no rattles, no pulling. Only normal wear on those tires. I recommend a second and third opinion. Some of these fellows work on commission and can "find" problems.
  11. Oldiger

    Oldiger Active Member Gold Donor

    Thanks to all. Yes I have a good friend, mechanic, who owns a 2003. I'll give him a call. Would like to read more on this subject but I'm not smart enough to make my computer get on the "search":(
  12. Got in my car last night and it was running rough, doggy. Looked at dash and "Check engine light" was on. Hooked up my OBD reader and it spit out code - P0174, system too lean (Bank 2). Googled P0174 and it said - Mass Airflow Sensor. Today I took out mass airflow sensor and sprayed it down with contact cleaner and - hey it is back to running great. Finally fixed something on this car for - pennies.
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