Someone tell me a good company to buy a brake conversion(drum to disc) for my '57 bird


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I need a drum to disc conversion kit for my "57 Bird.Someone tell me a good company to buy from
Be sure to ask if the kit will work with your wheels. I had an issue with a kit that I added to my 57 only to find out about 80% of the way through installation that I would have to go to 15" wheels. Became a much more expensive swap than it needed to be. That said, really like the improvement the disks offer,
I have a 1957 T-Bird that is going into the shop to have the front drum brakes converted to disc. CASCO is one that should work with your original 14" wheel.
Most others disk brake unites require that you must change to a 15" wheel, which require new wheels, tires and hubcaps.
My 1957 T-Bird is in the shop right now undergoing a disc brake conversion. Disc kit ordered from CASCO - will let you know how it works out as soon as I
get the T-Bird back. CASCO is one of the very few kits that claim you can retain your 14" wheels.