rear deck plates for late 56 bird

I have a question about the rear deck plates on my late 56 bird,. I know there is a right and left application, but is it possible for them to be installed on the wrong sides? When the hardtop is set on the car, the clamp levers do not lock in right. on each plate do the slots point to the outside or to the inside? When you remove the set screw on the clamp lever, there is a flat for the set screw, and when the set screw is on this flat, it just does not line up right with the deck plates that are on my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you. steveLH
Late 1956 Thunderbirds get 1957 deck plates and the notches in holes point to outside of car.

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1955 Thunderbird Blue
Yeah, thanks for the reply, Doug. I went on to Casco's website and seen that they do point to the outside. Evidently, whoever owned the top or the car before did not put the lever roll pin in the right position. I'm going to drive the pin out and reposition those and that should take care of my problem. Thanks, again steveLH