New on forum, steering column 73 Tbird

My name is Marcus, I am from the Netherlands. I've got my 73 Thunderbirds for 2-3 years now.
Been busy with lots of technical repairs due to bad maintenance from the last owner just to keep it on the road.

But now i've come to a problem thats not an easy fix.. its a bit of an understatement, because i can even find and parts...

The shift bowl of my tilt steering column broke. Nowhere to be found an aftermarket part.

Ive found 1 other similar column (Continental mark 3/4), but in worse condition than mine.

Tried a static (Ford LTD wagon, i believe it came from) column, but its way to short...

Maybe someone here knows what i can do to get my Thunderbird on the road again? Its been way to long since i took her for a nice cruise, and I am getting a bit desperate.
Welcome to the forum! I see your dilemma... might want to try a few bone-yards here in the states. That would probably require a lot of phone calls. Not sure if any other model years other than the '72-'76 BigBirds will fit your '73! I would give you mine but you would have to buy the car and with packaging, forwarding, shipping, etc. this may be cost prohibitive! BEST OF LUCK in your search
Try, you’ll need to put in a US zip code to use the locator. I found a couple columns at yards which would atleast give you a contact to see if they would sell just the piece you need. My zip is 14701 if you don’t know any others to try