New 1996 Owner- looking for tips

Hello All,

I am a new T-Bird owner, just picked up a 1996 teal T-bird with a 3.8 in it. It only has 67,000 original miles and seems to be in great shape. I paid $2,400 for it, hopefully I didn’t overpay?

The car has been sitting in a garage parked since 2012. I am wanting to do all the remedial maintenance I should before driving it regularly. What would you recommend outside of an oil change? What is the priority?

Thanks for the help!


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Put the model year in the subject as it prompts you to do. Added for you.


Walt & Conny Birdsong
Trade it for a V8 model. Ha, ha. I've had a 92 v6 and a 96 V8, the car with the 4.6 v8 was more fun to drive. Imagine that, right. Now with that said, they were both really good cars, each in their own way, I was just more partial to the 96 with the 8. The v6 model always felt loose in the steering, perhaps due to less weight of because the engine sat farther back off the the front crossmember.

Enjoy you Bird brother, just watch out for steering component leaks.