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Interior dash lights keep blowing fuse, can't see speed at dark, 1967

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Tedzo, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone, have owned grandpa's 67 2 door landau for over 15 years. He bought it new back in the day, still has his name on the console.
    Electric nightmare but only minor problems.
    Keep blowing the little 5a? Fuse when I turn on the headlights.
    Got a voltage regulator that supposedly goes behind clock? Years ago but never installed.
    I have cleaned out the headlight switch but still no go.
    Rear pillar lights don't work either.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks all.
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  2. Could be a bad turn signal bulb shorting out either on the front or rear. Take the bulbs out of all of them and see if it still blows fuses. It might be your headlight switch shorting out also. I just bought one for my 67 at auto zone
  3. Voltage regulator goes behind the clock and keeps all your gauges working. If your gauges all go out at the same time it"s that voltage regulator. I just replaced mine. If they go out 1 at a time it"s usually the sending unit of that gauge
  4. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Good advice above. Also, 5 Amps seems kinda low for the whole headlight circuit. Try a 10A see if the problem goes away. 10A will still protect the wiring.
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