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NuttyGambler, Thanks for the link to the forum. I spent a little time there and got a lot of information.
I spent hours last night reading all the information on polishes and waxes thanks to Nutty Gambler. My yellow/white is due in March 10 - 12126. I've used Meguires system for years on my 90 Miata and love the depth of shine on the silver. Everyone remarks that it looks brand new. After my research I've decided to switch to the Klasse system and even ordered the power buffer. Hence my question. I've always buffed by hand--am I going to have trouble using the power buffer. I'd hate to buff off the paint and plan to practice on my husband's 01 Sebring but any tips on how to use this thing will help. Thanks.

I do things all by hand. Especially the SG. So I can not be much help with that. I have a cheap one, but prefer to do it blood sweat and tears. (Only excercise I get

The one thing you need to learn with this system, and you will read it and read it but not believe it. USE VERY VERY VERY little of the SG. Also buy some of the recommended instant detailer sprays to help get the stuff off if you happen to put too much on. The kits they sell will do 3 cars for 5 years or more very economical if used right.
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