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Aftermarket Tubular or Billet Grille?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Motogeezer, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Looked everywhere I can think of. Anyone know of a source? Thanks!
  2. Wish I could help you, Motogeezer. Thunderbirdconcepts.com used to offer the billet grill but I don't see it on their site. You could contact the owner, Aaron, through the website to see if they may have one kicking around. I checked Thunderbirdspecialties.com hoping they might have a billet grill but only found a custom aluminum grill developed in 2014. I've seen this custom grill on a Thunderbird and it looks real nice.
  3. Look again at Thunderbirdspecialties.com. They have a new billet grill.
  4. $1,495.00. Not crazy about how it looks, but - thanks for the heads up ;)
    I think I'm going to black-chrome my stock one.
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  6. Take the bumper cover off, screws along bottom and 2 in wheel wells, dislodge snap connectors along joint with fender and take out headlights. Disconnect wire harness (driver-side) and lift the bumper slightly up and out. Put on a cloth covered bench and remove inside metal clips---a challenge but can be done---need to spread them open. Install new grill, put back clips (if you pried them open to remove them, then you will need to compress them back to original shape) and be sure to push them in with force. Then back to the car and work backwards. All in all about a 2 hour job if you have everything ready and don't run around for tools.

    What would a body shop charge, $300? and you are not likely to get frustrated, scratch paint and or loose a screw or two!
  7. IMG_0206.JPG
  8. not tubular but s less expensive alternative at Thunderbird specialties.

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