2005 Alpine iLX-W650 Aftermarket Radio install


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I put 4 focal 6x8 speakers in my 2005 with my JVC Kenwood unit. Cutchfield told my to disconnect the driver side center console speaker. That helps to optimize the mic position by the right knee which works fine. By eliminating excess noise there. The focal speakers have brilliant tweeters and eliminate the need for the console speakers. To disconnect the speaker I left one rca connector off on the back of the head unit. I left the factory subwoofers in, they seem fine. The focal speakers sound great. Only takes an hour to put in.
I didn’t have that gap and didn’t trim anything.
Did you notice whether your AC controls had the three locating pins? Seems that is the issue. Was your dash kit a Metra or American International?

So I finally got all my wiring done and did a test run. I was shocked at the horrible sound that came out.... But then, I realized the sub outs were off and the tone controls needed to be adjusted... Everything works. The sound is may be about what the factory unit sounded like... May be a bit less quality... Not sure. I definitely would like an amplifier and better speakers in the future.

I now have to figure out the dash kit fitment issue.....

Oh and one more thing, my steering track up and down (station change controls don't work) Volume, mute, and source work fine. Anyone else lose the track/station up/down controls?

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Here is my gap - its pretty nice and I don't know what's different about this setup... gap.jpg
BTW - I have that same roll-around red work table that is peeking through in your pictures - very handy!
What about your steering wheel controls? Do all the original buttons work? My station/track up/down buttons do not. Not big deal but it would be nice to get everything to work.

I was able to fix the gap by drilling some holes around the trim to let the locating pins poke through!

Now I have to get Android Auto to work as it is telling me "incompatible device". I am using a USB input like Frankie the Frink's that goes on the cigarette lighter hole. Also, I need to find a real Sansung charging cable as this may be the issue as well.

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The station switch should work also on the steering wheel. If you call Crutchfield they will help you to get it working.

Also let Crutchfield explain the speaker setup in the car. The RCA plugs that plug into the back of the radio are for the subwoofer and center channel. They told me it requires a jumper to make both speakers play
mono through the center channel. (I left the driver side center channel off without the jumper.) When you upgrade the speakers, because they have tweeters you might not even want the center speakers

The door speakers are the front speakers and speakers right behind the seats are the rear speakers.

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My only issue with the ASWC steering wheel control is that the down volume occasionally turns the volume up but then it corrects itself. The Mute, Media and track change buttons work on my KENWOOD. You DO have to pre-program the device for your radio manufacturer. On Amazon Music or Pandora the rear steering wheel buttons cycle to the next song as I would expect.
The Media button cycles through Apple Car Play, the HD Radio, USB Input, etc.
Hi guys & gals.............Eaglerego here. I'm from SC but am in Abu Dhabi the last 2 years. I have upgraded my 2004 Seafoam Green Tbird with the Alpine system. There are 3 connectors for the factory radio but the kit only comes with 2. What is the 3rd one for? Also, I can't get any sound. I reinstalled the factory radio to confirm everything works and then reinstalled the Alpine...............No sound. I checked my wiring harness a couple times. Don't see any problems. I have the brake micro bypass switch & the 5v resistor for the subwoofer turn on. Any ideas? Any pictures of the wiring harness put together? Fly-Eagles-Fly.....................................
I completed an Alpine ILX-W650 touch screen/Android Auto install on my TBird. Bought it from Crutchfield along with the harness kit including the steering wheel kit. I also bought a microbypass cable from Amazon to eliminate the parking brake problem. Took me a total of about 3 hours to remove and install. Just took my time. With everything that crutchfield provided it made it easy. I got their ready harness service so it all cam prewired. Just had the connect the microbypass cable and the steering wheel kit cable to the old radio harness. It all works great. The car looks like it has been updated to a 2019 model. Check out the pictures

Purchase link- https://amzn.to/3hYiYmU
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do you have sirius