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2003 the value of "search?"

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by vinnie, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

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  2. Love the story Vinnie.. Hope you enjoy your new Bird.. Mine came with two keys and one fab from the dealer I bought the car from.. I bought an aftermarket fab at an Auto Zone and programed it according to the directions.. Both fobs would open and close the doors and trunk lid with no problem, but the one I bought from Auto Zone would set off the horn alarm every so often after locking or unlocking the doors... No rime or reason or consistency... After reprograming both fabs about 4 or 5 times the one I bought from Auto Zone would still set off the alarm every so often.. I brought that one back thinking it was defective, and sure enough it was.. Auto Zone swapped that one out for an other (same brand and model).. I came home and reprogramed both fabs again and they are now working flawlessly... That was bout 6 months ago..

    Enjoy your T-bird..
  3. Hi Vinnie!

    Welcome to the Forum & enjoy your beautiful Torch Red (below) with full accent interior;)!!! Glad I was able to assist with keys & fobs!!!
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  4. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

  5. BUY A THIRD KEY!!! have it cut then reprogram as per instructions when you have TWO keys that way if ever you lose a key you still have 2 and reprogram another without dealer cost except for price of key if you only have one key is when dealer MUST program it
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  6. if you have 3 and lose 1 you can still program a new one with two(dont have to pay dealer to program it)
    if you have 2 keys and lose one then then with only 1 key to get a new key it has to be programmed by dealer(about$80+key )
  7. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    I had High Tech Locksmiths do my key! It was cheaper than the dealer! http://htlkeys.com They also come to you!
  8. A little side bar, Vinnie, I love your vanity plate!

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