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2002-2005 Thunderbird Engine Shroud Cover Removal

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by TomThunder, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. I've seen photos online where TBird owners have removed their engine shroud cover. Anyone know if there is any particular advantage by removing it?

  2. Mach5

    Mach5 2004 Merlot Lifetime Donor

    Advantage? might run a little cooler? But, you might hear more engine noise. . .
  3. I think if Ford thought it might help they would have not put one on in the first place. LOL
  4. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Yes but help with what... Aesthetics for example. According to sources like Stack Exchange, the covers reduce engine noise and protect the engine from dust, debris, etc, while adding a cleaner look to the engine bay.
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  5. Go figure. Maybe they happen to take a photo while they were doing engine maintenance. Who knows. No plans to take mine off, I was just curious.
  6. there is a Jaguar cover that fits exactly while leaving the upper piping exposed for a best of both worlds look.
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  7. PCR59

    PCR59 Active Member Lifetime Donor

    153914381.RT1aRawD._MG_6836.jpg Or you can combine the two and get the best of both.[​IMG]
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  8. How noisy is it compared to the stock one. I have an extra on I picked up years ago but it’s NOS and I’m not sure I want the district it. Or sell sell it. Or just look for one with the paint worn off. Or,? Lol
  9. I will say this, with it removed, it does look like you actually have a V8 under the hood. With the shroud on, it looks likes you have an electric shaver under your hood.

    That said, still keeping it on. I'm losing 4 thunderbird logos on my car when I have after-market wheels installed next week. I don't want to lose a 5th logo by removing the shroud.
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  10. No for sure you would not want to loose another Ford Orr Thunderbird logo. There is only about 24 places on a stock Retro where you either see Ford or Logo.

    About the engine cover when everyone was attempting to troubleshoot why the COPs were failing some thoughts were it was from heat & removing the cover would help . Then no cover or customizing came into the picture. Both ideas seem to have gone away.
  11. Good point, if you include the interior logos. Still, shroud is staying on, I've seen no real solid reason to remove it.

    I do like what this TBird owner did, paint the shroud to match his car.....


    But as I mentioned in another thread, I'm going with the midnight black theme. My shroud is already black. I suppose I could have it painted gloss black to match the body. Maybe I will throw that idea onto the bottom of my wish list.
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  12. You like any other owner should do exactly what pleases you & not give a hoot what others think is right/wrong, good/bad.
    Some folks just don't seem to get that.
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  13. Of course, that goes without saying.

    I'm just saying I like the idea of painting the shroud my body color, but for now, that project is shoved way down on the wish list. I'm more interested in exterior and interior mods than engine dress up. Good chance that under the hood will always remain factory. I did the whole engine detailing with a Mustang I had a few years ago. No big desire to do that all over again, I had my fun with that sort of project with the Mustang......


    Btw, I sold that a few years ago to my nephew. 16 years old, his first car. A GT I converted to a Steeda Mustang....sorta.
  14. Holly Cow! What a project. Hope your nephew keeps it as nice as these two photos. To me it is GREAT!
  15. I love the paint it to match idea. I may look into that.
  16. Unfortunately, no. He treats it like crap. Those beautiful Helo 20 inch mags were practically all black from dirt and grime, when I saw it at a recent family gathering. Wish I never sold it to him, and sold it to someone who appreciated the work put into it. I had it lowered with Eibach springs. BBK cold air intake. Flowmasters. Nitto tires. Steeda rear spoiler and Steeda front air dam. A custom painted fiberglass dash. Billet front and back grilles. Billet trim throughout the interior. But none of that means a thing to that kid.

  17. Where’s the bird
  18. At the moment, in my garage.
  19. I can't imagine the rationale for removing original pieces off an otherwise pristine car....such things tend to get lost and are hard to replace with OEM parts. I wish the previous owners of my 63 Corvette hadn't been so prolific in removing one-year-only parts that I've had a fit replacing..
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  20. donnyonee

    donnyonee Active Member Lifetime Donor

    where do I find that cover ?
    okay I mean what yr model?
    is it a 3.9?
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