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1978 Diamond Jubilee Edition

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Milepost202, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Hello, just joined the forum. I wanted to share our car, a 1978 Diamond Jubilee Edition. The car has 123k on a unrebuilt and untouched engine, 351m with FMX automatic. The car is painted in the Umber Metallic original paint. Is the car perfect? Well, no. I so wish there was a source for parts, especially trim and the misc nickle and dime parts for not just our car specifically, but for the 77-79 body style cars in general. 12071746_10207905215366790_459613812_n.jpg 10602616_10204576170662753_1757693287_n.jpg
  2. What type of parts do you need for your Thunderbird?
  3. Don Holton

    Don Holton 1972-97 Thunderbird Tech Advisor Lifetime Donor

    Drop me an e-mail on what you need ... I have ALLOT of parts for these vehicles NOS and Used.
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  4. Thanks Gentlemen for your reply. My humble apologies for not catching and seeing your posts and replying much sooner. Mechanically, our car is pretty sound and the car does run like a top. Everything works and runs great. From a Mechanical standpoint, the only 2 real flaws our car has is the A/C which I am not concerned about, and the clock in the dash. Being a DJ car, it has the performance gauge package. Like the A/c, the clock is just a detail thing that doesnt bother me too much. Visually, our car is just a couple pieces from being either completed or at least looking complete. Its the little trim parts and pieces that over time, have either found themselves missing or to the point of needing replaced. On the exterior, I need either the color coded Umber vinyl insert to the drivers door moulding or a complete moulding thats the correct color, and the drivers side front bumper post pad, also in the Umber colored vinyl. On the inside of the car, its the little trim parts that are sort of in your face missing. The plastic Thunderbird emblem in the center of the steering wheel is missing as well as the bird emblems in the front seat backs. On the drivers door, there are 2 rectangle carpeted inserts on either side of the pull strap. the interior is also the color coded Umber color that matches the car. Thats basically it. I believe due to being a DJ car, that the interior parts are specific to the DJ package but dont quote me on that. Thanks again for your responses!

  5. Don Holton

    Don Holton 1972-97 Thunderbird Tech Advisor Lifetime Donor

    The clock issue is very common issue. I have owned my one of 78 Diamond Jubilee's since 1978! I am going to be sending 3 or 4 of my clocks out to be converted to quartz movements so they work in my cars! I will keep an eye open for umber colored vinyl times that you are looking for the chrome T-Bird seat emblems from my boxes of goodies ... I have allot 72-82 Thunderbird parts and I am now picking up 1983-88 Thunderbird parts...
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  6. Don, I have a couple questions for you. Something I havent said before is that I work for the auto parts chain Pep Boys. Even in the aftermarket world, Getting parts is getting a little challenging. Something I have noticed is that on our car, when using the wipers, that when in use, sometimes when you shut the wipers off, they stop mid windshield and wont park. Being a DJ car, it has intermittent wipers. I figured it was the switch so I ordered one from where I work. When I got it in, it was a slider type switch, like in a Ford truck and not the common rotary style switch it should be. Even in the aftermarket world, a what seems like common part is all wrong. What size and type tire are you running on your cars? I on the door, it shows 2 size tires for the car. ours are 225/75/15 on the stock turbine wheels. The tires just look small. the other size is a 235/70/15 which i think would look better visually and perhaps ride a little better.

  7. Don Holton

    Don Holton 1972-97 Thunderbird Tech Advisor Lifetime Donor

    Hi Bill

    Not sure how I missed this post but here goes better late than never! I run 235/70/15R. Send me a list of what your looking for and I will see what all I have kicking around. I have a couple Diamond Jubilees, a Diamond Blue one since 1978 and a Polar White with Diamond Blue Leather interior great cars.
  8. All, thanks for responses and my humble apologies replying to my own started thread. I can and will take pics of some of the missing parts and trim I am missing. Its little stuff but the little stuff do seem to add up to things that just bother me a little bit and I need to address it. After sitting dormant for 18 months, I restarted and got the Bird running again. I am fighting a catalog issue on my end finding a replacement wiper switch. I guess working in a auto parts store isnt all its cracked up to be, but i am getting help from my local Ford dealership getting the part numbers for the switch to hopefully interchange with something i can get. As for the trim, It seems as though having the Umber painted DJ car is throwing a bit of a monkey wrench into the works finding color keyed parts in the right color. All that can be explained and perhaps I should start a new thread regarding the trim. I have ordered and am awaiting tire replacement. I have decided due to expense and availability, I am going to replace the tires with the size 225/75/15. Thats the size on it now and is a correct size for a T Bird, just might not be right for this specific car.

    Thanks to all in advance for the responses and the information and believe me when I say, I will be picking your brains and asking for help in the future!

    Bill Sturgeon

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