1962 Tbird Rat Rod "Thunderbeast" 2 dr hrdtp for sale

Aug 9, 2012
Thunderbird Year
I originally bought this 1962 car for the newly rebuilt 390 block, to put in my 1964. Complications and life got in the way, so i gave the 64' project away and looked to the 1962 to be a Rat Rod, because i did not want to spend time bodyworking; it looked pretty cool in the rough. The driveline and suspension is completely rebuilt. Wheel bearings, ball joints, upper A arm bushings, shocks, brake lines, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, gas tank replaced. I have 2 bushings for front of rear leaf springs and universal joints that i had not installed, cut front coils, added 14" wheels, custom painted rims and added adornments. New taillight lenses, new lights everywhere, new windsheild washer set up, trunk cleaned and spatter painted. The engine has an Edlebrock 750 carb and matching high rise intake manifold and Sanderson headers. Needs exhaust from headers to rear end. Car is street legal other than exhaust. 2" spacer on carb requires hole in hood for breather to peek out. Spacer can be removed so hood does not need to be cut, but it will reduce horsepower - your choice.
Links are to YouTube, doing initial hot laps in my parking lot. I have minimum $7,500 hard parts in this car, plus many hours rebuilding and painting suspension. I also have all the Rat Rod Matte paint/thinner needed to shoot it clear matte. I am asking $4,500.00, but any reasonable offer will be considered. See pix for visuals. Car is available now.


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Jun 23, 2022
Thunderbird Year
I've always loved the bullet front-end on the 61-63 generation T-Bird. I have been looking for one with a reasonable price range, that doesn't need to much work for what I have planned for a first time project. I saw that you mentioned it needs body work, is it rusted through anywhere? Also is the vehicle capable of making a few hundred mile trip without breaking down or leaving me stranded?