1957 Fuel Gauge Not Working

We have an issue with our 57 Thunderbird fuel gauge not working at all. We've checked everything that we can think of any MUST be missing something. So far - we've checked the following (1) sending unit was tested and works; (2) we checked the continuity on the wire that runs from the sending unit to the gauge and that worked out too (3) checked an aftermarket fuel gauge and it works too (tested it directly bypassing sending unit and it new fuel gauge works; (4) replaced the voltage regulator within the dash and it also works; (5) switched to a rebuilt/tested 57 fuel gauge and made new difference either; (6) grounded both the new aftermarket fuel gauge and the new rebuilt/tested 57 fuel gauge and neither worked; (7) checked the fuel in the tank and it had 1/4 tank of gas; and (8) we compared against the new aftermarket temp gauge which worked once the car idled - so we figure that there was nothing wrong with the grounding (in the dash) or the voltage regulator....

At a dead end with figuring out WHAT did we miss??? Does anyone have any ideas ?? Anyone encounter similar issue ?? THANK YOU !!


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