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Replacing The Hardtop Seals

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by doug7740, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. I’m about to replace the seals on the hardtop of my 1955 T-Bird. I have already removed the old seals and I discovered that there are 6 metal strips that go over the seals.

    One of these metal strips needed to be replaced, however since I could not find these strips listed in any of the parts catalogs, I spoke to the restoration department at CASCO and they told me that the metal retainers were only used on the very early 1955 hardtops. They also said that since the replacement seals have the metal infused in the rubber you can't use the metal retainers with the replacement seals.

    So after I clean the old sealer from the hardtop I'll start to install the new seals without the metal retainers, but before I begin I was wondering if there are anything I should be aware of, or any tips or tricks anyone has?

    1955 Thunderbird Blue

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  2. I’ve had issues with my 57 hardtop for many years took it to the place to have You want to put on and three years later they started coming off again so it seems to be a problem and design sorry I couldn’t help you any further
  3. Doug, I’m a new member and am about to start a restoration on my 1955 Bird which also has a hardtop.
    I live in northern New England and have found a few people up in my region that are extremely knowledgeable about everything on this car.
    As soon as I talk to them again (upcoming week) I’ll let you know. I’ll be doing my top during the snowy days soon !

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