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Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by LON O'CONNELL, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. How is it that this site shows at least a couple of new members per day yet there has not been a single post in 2 1/2 days. Would think a new member would post, otherwise they would just lurk in the background. maybe its just me, but I think it is a little odd.
  2. captjim

    captjim Gold Contributor Lifetime Donor


    I agree with you completely. I've noticed that as time has passed there have been fewer posts. Maybe this means the real fanatics (me included) are out driving their T-Birds after a long agonizing wait, while since the availability seems easier now the newer folks aren't quite as fanatical.

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  3. leisha

    leisha Guest

    Len, I have been pleased to have been part of the forum. It was quite a thrill to have been on a waiting list and 'watch' as one by one, members would post their frustrations and joys as the countdown continued till 'mine' was built.
    I found out about the Wixom tours on this board and was lucky enough to be at Wixom the day mine was completed.

    I hoped that the board would continue with more 'T bird events,. Where we could get together and show off are cars.
    I am a member of the Yellow Mustang Registry and we get together at Mustang Club of America events and several times a year across the contry there are rallies.
    I hoped this board would present the opportunity to organise these events. For a while a bunch in Georgia did just that and there was a Cruise organnised in Michigan as well. It was good to see the post recently on the New England show.

    The forum seems to be fizzling from the early fever originating from the 'wait'.

    The forum needs a new direction and I believe starting a 'club' with dues to help keep the board running and by having directors in various areas of the contry who would organize events in cooperation with 'all Ford shows and our own events for 'new retro birds' and T'birds of all years, would create more enthusiasm.

    Allowing the board wallow in the recent direction will not prove good for either old members or new ones.:confused: :mad:
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  4. Tbird eh

    Tbird eh Guest

    leisha, will you be going to the Mustang meet again in Missasauga this year? Please email me at, tooheys@sprint.ca
  5. I am a new member just signed up for life member ship and the proud owner of a 2004 maroon Bird.I have read every post to date from Page 1-157.Very educational and lots of info I never dreamed of.This Forum really rocks thanks to all of you.
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  6. New member here, also. Purchased our 2002 base model (Rudy) last month and we're enjoying the T-bird experience. I've wanted one of these for some time and to achieve the dream, I made a deal with the better half to first sell my prized 2007 California Special Mustang. That was a bit difficult, but at this point, it was worth it IMO. 20170809_113647.jpg 20170811_143956.jpg 20170811_144014.jpg 20170811_144022.jpg 20160414_142726.jpg Learning a lot here. Thanks for the add...
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  7. Hey, the weather is nice, no time to post while you are driving, LOL! New member here, but my wife drives the bird, I just hunt the forum for info. I have been busy catching up on the other posts, there is a lot to read, and working on my other car project. Right now we are trying to figure out the best place for the roof . The hoist idea was a bust, so I'm wheeling it around the garage waiting for the winter. It's her daily driver, so it will soon be a snow bird that stays north!
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