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Lens restoring??

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by JW in Dixie, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Big Mess! 04 bird- headlamp lenses slightly cloudy. Auto Zone clerk said just wipe them with a cloth soaked in acetone. I feared that acetone might react with the plastic, but did as he advised. BIG mistake. Bought a lens
    restoration kit, from Walmart, and began with the coarsest abrasive pad supplied therein. Not going to cut it.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Buffing pad with compound? Fine sandpaper?
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  2. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

  3. Yes, I bought the Turtle Wax kit. The coarsest pad is not coarse enough - slow. May have to use wet sand paper. Groan
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  4. I personally recommend this

  5. captrick

    captrick Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I have used Mequires Plast-X and a powerball in a drill and it works fine and it is only one step.
  6. I bought new headlights. Mine was foggy inside!
  7. You can get brand new ones on Rockauto.com for about $65 each plus shipping .
  8. I can get the Mcguires but what is a powerball? Is it like a buffing pad? Thx
  9. captrick

    captrick Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Yes it is the ball of foam and they also make it in pad.
  10. I do headlight restoration. Have you solved your problem yet?
  11. Mine were dingy on the inside. I replaced em
  12. Jim, the weather turned cold and I have let the project slide. Picked up some 1500 and 2000 wet paper today and will hit it again when this spell ends. Using acetone was a mistake. Perhaps I over-applied it. Cheers
  13. Yes the weather, can change the priority ha. I have a technician in the Huntsville area every so often. We do a sand, polish and UV coat for $60 total for both lights. You may need to go a bit deeper with that sand paper. Yes stay away from the acetone.
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  14. Santa arrived today with a pair of brand new headlights from my Son. He is going to polish the originals and sell them on eBay. And my two grandsons are going to make the switch Monday. Doesn't get better than that! Ho, ho, ho!! :)
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  15. Well, guess what? The Grandsons didn't show so I changed them myself. Thirty minutes on the first, 15 on the second.
    A little WD40 helps the retainers come loose. Looks a LOT better!
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  16. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you ever have something really hard to get loose Blaster is amazing!
  17. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

    I know its been a while, but you need to educate the Autozone guy. Acetone dissolves most plastics. Just ask my wife about her plastic measuring cup!
  18. I use bug repellent in spray can,Put it on a cloth or small paper towel.(not on the lens .Then apply the repellent soaked towel carefully to only the lens.It will remove the reside in just a short minute of rubbing.I then use spray silicone to a paper towel and go over the lens to remove the bug repellent.Presto clear clear lens. Note no swin suit is required to preform this task.
  19. I just bought new lens which were very inexpensive ($68.50 each) and while you are at it new bulbs really are worth the money but dont get LED's as they will drive the bulb out warning system crazy.

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