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2018 Ford Thunderbird Photos & Rumors

Discussion in '2018 Ford Thunderbird' started by tbird, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    We're creating a 2018 Ford Thunderbird Forum area since the rumor mill is heating up after Ford registered a trademark for Thunderbird in May 2016

    You can pretty much rest assured that the two photos seen below that are floating around the internet ARE NOT representative of what the car will actually look like, if Ford even releases the car again. TinyEye reveals that the The Gold/Bronze colored car was first seen in 2014 on a now defunct website NewCarsBlog.com, so we can definitely label that one as fake news.

    We have media access with Ford, and will keep you posted if and when information and real photos are actually available. Right now it is all rumor and speculation.

    Make sure you are signed up for the forum for future announcements! It's free! http://forums.fordthunderbirdforum.com/register
    2018-Ford-Thunderbird.jpg newest-2018-Thunderbird.jpg
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  2. looks like a camarro
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  3. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's probably what was used and altered for whoever made the fake photos.
  4. Is this for real?
  5. This is only speculation, but I believe there are two major factors that determine brands and models. First of course is market trend. Every car model is a gamble, wondering if sales will make it worthwhile. But a second reason, and it's more valid than some may give them credit for, is the ability to adhere to government mandates. Compare the Cadillac XT6 with a Deville of just a few years ago. If you want room, get an SUV. But our new president has relaxed a lot of this, and it may indeed manifest itself in newer, more exciting cars. But just how long will it take to bring such a new car to market? I would venture a guess that Thunderbird will be back, and the first ones may indeed be the Retrobirds, albeit with a facelift and maybe a stronger engine. Timewise, I'm going to guess that it will make its debut in the spring of 2018, as a 2019 model. We'll see.
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  6. Looking forward to it.
  8. I have two images of a 2018 I just saw last week.

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  9. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    Those are fake too.

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